Live Smoke Free  *
Understand why people start smoking and why it is so hard to stop.
Explore the core issues underlying tobacco addiction
Identify what role tobacco plays in your life
Deal with cravings and the effects of nicotine withdrawal 
Develop an overall strategy to stop smoking
Develop a complete recovery plan
Design and implement a specific daily action plan
Learn new   life skills
Participate in long term follow-up to remain tobacco free 

* A comprehensive tobacco cessation program  created by the University of Florida, Patient   Support International ad the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC ) 

Transform Stress
The Four A's of Stress Management
The Anatomy of Stress
Perplexed by Strange Symptoms ? Your Body Speaks Your Mind.
Avoider, Controller, Pleaser or Superior ?  What is your Style?
Present Tense /Future Tension: The Art of Living in the Moment
Mind over Matter: Beliefs, Expectations and Self-fulfilling prophecies
With Heart: Life Enhancing Values and Practices
Practical Techniques and Exercises to Transform Stress

Good Girls No More: Assertiveness Skills for Women
In Search of the Illusive Me
The Genesis of Self - Alienation
Good Girl Syndrome and the Face Behind the Door
Letting Go: of Depression, Anxiety, Doubt
Yes! No! I Want! 
Listening to My Body; Hearing Myself
The Games We Play: Scripts, Manipulations and Hidden Agendas
Giving Voice

The Psychic Toolkit: Intuition Training for Life
Psychism, Intuition and Altered States of Consciousness
Why the Rational Approach Isn't  Always Reasonable
Psychic Roadblocks
The Many Faces of Intuition
Listening to the Body / Hearing the Self
Is It a Weed or a Flower?   Anxiety, Fear and Intuition
The 'As If ' Principle
Interpreting Our Lives: Synchronicity, Metaphor and Meaning
Specific Techniques and Strategies to Promote Intuition

Wisdom and Wellness: Psychology for Everyday
Who's in Charge Here: Genes, Environment, Destiny or Me ?
Loving Ourselves; Embracing Others
Personal Myths, and Private Fictions
Self-Image ; Self-Ideal
Scripts, Manipulations and Hidden Agendas
The Body Speaks Its Mind.
No Denying It.  Avoidance, Dissociation and The Reality Principle.
The Creative Unconscious.
Developing Courage

EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques: a cutting edge approach to performance enhancement / cravings management
The Origins of EFT
Case Histories
The Basic Formula
Demonstration and Practice

You and Your Aging Parents
This course is for you if:
You want to enrich your relationship with your aging parent
Are troubled by demands on your time and resources
Are in conflict with siblings over issues of parental care
Want to help but are frustrated and uncertain about what to do
Feel burdened by fear, anger, or guilt

Life passages are never easy. However, a knowledge of behaviour and some concrete tools can lighten the journey (and even provide enlightenment) during this challenging time.

Some topics we will cover:
Whose problem is it ?
How to address difficult topics
What people say-and what they really mean
How to set loving limits
How to understand and manage anger.
The hidden meaning of unconscious and disturbing behaviour.
Your behavioural style- and its impact on your relationships
Family dynamics and sibling rivalry
Letting go - moving on

Participants are invited to bring in their own experiences and concerns for discussion and support.



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