" Many compliments on your great talent and wonderful work." 
Attif Sidiqui, Client/Director of SOLO:
National Film Board of Canada

" This course is of immeasureable value to me in my daily life.  Frances' presentation is superb - so precise, clear and to the point.  What a gift ! "
Participant - Your Aging Parents and You

" Clear, interesting, insightful.  Frances' enthusiasm, her openess and vast knowledge of psychology contributed to the tremendous success of this group.  Very useful and relevant not only with aging relationships but with other family members, co-workers, partners, etc."
"We've received many positive comments about the program from both viewers and station staff  Thanks for being such a great guest on Health Exchange."
Paul Larsen, Producer, Managing Anger, Mountain Lake PBS Television, New York

" Excellent course; excellent presentation. I'm now able to get along better not just with my mother, but with others as well. The theoretical part was incredibly useful."

" Rich, so rich with an abundance of useful concepts and ideas. "  Participant: Your Aging Parents and You

"Too short make it longer. The course has been of great value to me not only in dealing with parental relationships but with relationships in general. Frances is an excellent facilitator, always pleasant, clear, consistent and non-judgemental
Participant: Your Aging Parents and You

Just Great!!  Frances is so easy to talk to and just a pleasure to listen to.  Made me aware of so much and gave me so many useful tools. Excellent course- more please."
Participant: Your Aging Parents and You
" Very thought-provoking sessions by an empathic, knowledgeable and friendly person.  Frances has created a very congenial, open atmosphere in which even those unused to opening up were doing so easily toward the end. Both the verbal and written information was pertinent and helpful. Thank-you, Frances."
Antoinette Conceicao,  Guidance Counsellor, Author

Frances is an excellent teacher."
Mary M. Westmount

" The weekly sessions with you and the group were like a wake-up call and doors were opened that had been closed. Your compassion and understanding were appreciated.  For myself, I am looking forward to future enlightenment. Thank-you  Frances "
D.G. Montreal

" I will be eternally grateful for everything I learned. Frances has an  'observant  eye' and is full of wisdom.."
M. Wallace, Intuition Training

" Very enlightening. Please make more people aware of the benefit of this course and of its value in staying positive and healthy."
Harry Easten, Engineer, Westmount

" As I learned more my life got more colorful.  Now I can handle difficult situations with more confidence. Now I better understand the relationship between assertiveness and stress. More assertiveness; less stress. Thank-you Frances."
Edith B.  Transform Stress

" Its been a great learning experience. Its as though I've been given a new family where I can be seen and heard.  Your warmth, your openness and your understanding  plus the information you provided have been deeply helpful. Thank-you, once again."
Louise F. Stress and Assertiveness

" Very beneficial. Eye opening. Great food for thought.  The content was interesting and seemed to flow spontaneously from the contributions of everyone making for successful participation. Demonstrated regularly that we all have the capacity to intuit correctly. Make it longer, six weeks is not enough."
Isabelle M. Intuition Training

" Because your focused attention is like a light that allows me to see what is real.  Becauses you always get me back on track.  Because you don't  let me get away with with dishonesty.
Because your caring opens my heart ... I am deeply grateful."
Lise KirkPatrick , WomanShare

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" I have recently had the opportunity and good fortune to have worked with Frances Kucharsky in a clinical-counselling context. I was so impressed by her evident gifts in this field, that I feel compelled to write my impressions of that experience.

My  motives for this letter are both to recommend her highly as well as to praise her skills. I have always felt that effective clinical psychology requires a special sensitivity, warmth, perceptiveness, high sense of personal and professional ethics as well as those skills acquired through a program of professional training.

Frances is one of those rare individuals who by all of the critera described above, is a most effective and helpful clinician. She has much to offer her clients, who I feel will benefit greatly when seeking her professional counsel.

I am glad personally that Frances has chosen this field to which she is so well suited."

Dr. Robert Adamec, Depts of Basic Medical Science and Psychology, Memorial University

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